Swinging Asbury
MODSbury Park returns to the Lanes.

ASBURY PARK - If Asbury Park looks a bit like London circa the swinging 60s this weekend, blame it on Mick Hale.

  Mick is the mastermind behind "MODSbury Park", an annual event dedicated to the mod movement that he began last year.

  This year Asbury Lanes is the site for 'MODSbury.' Things kick-off on Saturday, October with Mod bowling roaring-down the lanes, beginning at 8pm with DJ MICK spinning, Dub, Ska, Mod and Garage trax followed by BJ BILL (LUTHER) spinning UK 6as R&B, Blues 'n Modsounds (before, in between, and after the bands.)

  The BANDS you ask?... Who are the bands?l?!

  The DANSETTES make their triumphant return to the Lanes with their soulful female-fronted loungey R&B sounds at 10 p.m. followed by MOD FUN, making their retro-spectacular "sixties in thee 80's garage-psyche" return to the stage after a 19 year hiatus.

  Mick himself fronts the band, which we caught at last year's event and who blew us away with their tight sound and powerful rhythms.

  Here's a primer on Mod for those who need it:

  Mod or Modern music developed in London, England in the late 1950s to mid 1960s.

  As much a lifestyle as a musical style, Mods sported short bobbed haircuts and distinctive clothes. Mods were inspired by American R&B, soul, Jamaican ska, and bluebeat combined with hard rock influences like the The Who and Small Faces.

 Mods frequented all night dance clubs listening to early bands like the Beatles whose R&8 influences had not yet inspired the British Invasion. Mods who favored high fashion often clashed with conventional rock fans- known as rockers who wore T-shirts and leather.

 They fought in violent brawls and confrontations inspiring the novel 'A Clockwork Orange' by Anthony Burgess featuring a mod from the future. Followers of the genres were egged on by artists who fed into the conflict by releasing, records praising one style and disparaging another.

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  Pete Townshend wrote and scored "Quadrophenia" which was a groundbreaking film that helped solidify the genre.

  While Mick is Mod for the weekend, 'he frequently goes in another direction with his music.

  As a founding member of his other band, Croc Shop, he's traveled the  world on an electronic/techno beat which you can hear on "croc_shop.sea," a double CD-Set which features selections from 17 years of recordings. (You can pick it up at the Olive Pit in Bradley Beach or Jack's Music Shoppe in Red Bank)

But we digress from the Swinging.

 Again, MODSbury Park begins at 8p.m. on Saturday at Asbury Lanes 209 Fouth Avenue, AP Cover charge is $5, 21 and up only.

  MODSbury Park swings at Asbury Lanes this Saturday October 1.

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