Welcome to the "Press Section" for MOD FUN's new cd "FUTUREPRESENT"  12.09

Below you will find Images and Video Links for the new cd...please poke around on the "regular" Mod Fun website at MODFUN.com, and MF's YouTube Channel as well as the new MY SPACE page... email us if you need anything else, thanks much for taking the time to visit here & cover the band...

HiRes Futurepresent Cover

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New '09 Promo Shot

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ModFun '09 Promo Pic #2
new "Give" video (off FUTUREPRESENT cd)
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Alternate "Promo" Hi Res v1
cleen covershot
Alt "Promo" Hi Res v2
back tray cleen
Live Shots (by Jim Testa)
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More live pix and images on the "media" pages... Live Shots (by Greg Gutbezahl)
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